Welcome to the Family Medicine Clerkship! For the next six weeks you will experience Family Medicine, one medical specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive medical care for individuals and families. Family Medicine integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences in the care of the undifferentiated patient.


Family Medicine differs from other specialties in that it encompasses all ages, both genders, each organ system and every disease entity. The heart of Family Medicine is the patient-physician relationship viewed in the context of the patient’s family. It is the extent to which this relationship is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that makes Family Medicine unique among the specialties. You will spend most of your time in the clerkship in ambulatory care settings where you will see patients under the supervision of Family Medicine faculty and residents (if residents train at your site). You will have “hands-on” opportunities to diagnose and manage many common medical conditions, such as hypertension and asthma, and counsel patients to prevent or lessen the severity of these conditions. Depending on your site, you may also provide prenatal care and deliver babies.


Enjoy the clerkship and learn as much as you can. Our faculty members are skilled teachers and clinicians who will teach and guide you in the care of patients and families. The clerkship administration will strive to provide a stimulating and fulfilling learning experience. (Adapted from the American Academy of Family Physicians Website:

Nehman Andry, MD,

Family Medicine Clerkship Director