UTHSCSA McAllen Family Medicine Residency Program


Jessica Paez
Clerkship Coordinator
(956) 687-6155, ext. 7133



205 East Toronto Ave.
McAllen, Texas 78503








This 18,400 square ft. clinic has 22 examination rooms, two procedure rooms and a laboratory. The clinic also provides offices for a nurse patient educator, a social worker, administrators and staff. The McAllen Family Practice Residency Program was established in 1977 with the intent of training family doctors for rural South Texas. The residency is set in a progressive community where family physicians practice full pediatric, medical and obstetrical services. Each year the program seeks well motivated residents who are willing to meet the challenge of our mission.

Students are assigned a variety of patients, including but not limited to geriatric patients. Students will see patients in our clinic and at our teaching hospital. AM/PM clinics begin at 8:30am and 1:30pm. Students are supervised by several family practice faculty and residents. The third year clerkship general schedule is typically 1 half day with a preceptor, 1 full day Geriatrics, 7 half days MFPRP clinic and 1 half day of Didactics per week. As part of the geriatric focus in McAllen, students are required to research a related topic and deliver a 20 minute presentation to faculty and residents.


McAllen-based students are required to attend the weekly clerkship didactics at the Regional Academic Health center in Harlingen, which is about a 30 minute drive. Students are expected to participate in Grand Rounds and all didactic sessions beginning at 12:30pm. During the clerkship, several of the didactic sessions may be delivered via videoconference from San Antonio. The majority of the sessions will be delivered live in Harlingen by the Clerkship Site Director or other RAHC faculty.


Housing is provided by the AHEC for students at the Summit Apartments (3000 N. "J" Street, McAllen, TX). Students placed at this location will be advised within the week prior of the start of their rotation of their apartment assignment.


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