4th Year Information

Course Enrollment Information

Courses offered by the Department of Family and Community Medicine provide fourth year medical students with a variety rich opportunities to learn about Family Medicine as a specialty. Most of our courses occur in ambulatory settings, but we do offer in-patient and research experiences.

Our Fourth Year Academic Coordinator, Bridget Hendrix, (office: 613L, Medical School Bldg), is the contact person for all course paperwork, including course approvals, drops, or course changes.
Phyllis MacGilvray, MD, is the Vice Chair of Medical Student Education for all Family Medicine courses.


To read the current list of Family Medicine (FAPR) courses descriptions, please review the Senior Academic Year Catalog.



FMIG Family Medicine Residency Fair

Next year's FMIG Family Medicine Residency Fair will be held on Thursday, 17 August 2017 from 11:00-2:00. This is a great opportunity for you to meet Family Medicine Residency Programs from Texas and neighboring states.
Location: Holly Auditorium


Senior Awards

The Department of Family and Community Medicine presents six awards to graduating students at the Annual Senior Awards Dinner. Each award comes with a monetary component. Only students who match with a Family Medicine residency in the regular Match are eligible for these awards.

Please review the award information below, identify any award(s) for which you wish to be considered, and write a strong narrative for each award describing why you should receive it.


The four John Primomo, MD Awards:

  • Excellence in Community Service
  • Excellence in Research (for family medicine research conducted during medical school)
  • Excellence in Academic Family Medicine
  • Excellence in Geriatrics

The Alexander Major, MD Exemplary Family Physician Award is presented to a graduating student who demonstrates excellence in clinical and academic ability, community involvement, and leadership potential.


The Bates Medical Award was established in 2002 at the bequest of LeRoy E. Bates, III, in order to honor his mother, father, and grandfather. This award is presented to students who plan to specialize as a medical doctor in general practice (Family Medicine). For this award, a review of nominees' performance evaluations during the Family Medicine Clerkship will occur. Please state in the narrative, your overall contribution to Family Medicine during your time in Medical School.


Please submit:

  • Your Narrative(s),
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Contact Information (i.e., home and email addresses; home and mobile telephone numbers)

Deadlines for these submissions will occur in February 2018.


Past Senior Award Winners:


Primomo: Hanna Braden, Troy Bassiri. Christine Khong

Major: Christine Khong

Bates: Troy Bassiri, Hanna Braden



Primomo: Courtney Hobza, Wen Zhang, Michelle Rodriguez

Major: Michelle Rodgriguez

Bates: Juan Ricardo Ramos Dominguez, Maggie Gainer, Courtney Hobza, Michelle Rodriguez



Primomo: Leonel Lopez, III and Emily McCullar

Major: Leonel Lopez, III

Bates: David Cadena and Leonel Lopez, III



Primomo: Kristy S. Riniker, David Wilson and Jerry P. Abraham

Major: Kristy S. Riniker

Bates: Jerry P. Abraham



Primomo: Troy Russell, Sarah Ferrero, Loren Fisher and Margaret Cecera

Major: Loren Fisher

Bates: Ross Hairgrove, Rachel Ramos and David Aldrete



Primomo: Zachary Taylor, Sarah Lester, Angelica Davila and Joshua Splinter

Major: Zachary Taylor

Bates: Angelica Davila, Brooke Radley and Daniel Kelley



Primomo: Michael Odom and Rebekkah Wilson

Major: Rebekkah Wilson

Bates: Ana M. Gonzalez and Johnny Shen



Primomo: Erica Jarrett, Anna Shuler and Jill Waters

Major: Jill Waters

Bates: Daniel Contreras and Jacquelin Castillo