Faculty Meeting Notes

February 2, 2011

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Welcome/Opening Remarks:

Dr. Tysinger:

Dr. Jaén is at the ABFM 2011 Winter Board Meeting

Congratulations to Dr. Jaén!  He and his colleagues were recently notified that they will receive the “STFM Best Research Paper Award” at the STFM Annual Spring Conference in New Orleans in April 2011.

Welcome Dr. Rudy Navarro, Assistant Professor/Clinical. He will work at the Sports Medicine clinic at the Family Health Center.

Congratulations for these Coding Awards:

    1. 100% correct coding: Dr. Dunlap & Dr. Emko
    2. 1 or 2 errors: Dr. Ferrer & Ms. Stephens-Kelly, GNP
Education Update:

Dr. Kumar is out sick (Dr. Tysinger presented in his place):

Family Medicine Interest Group: AAFP’s AIM Ready, Set, Fit Program had a successful event on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at St. Luke's School. Volunteers took over Physical Education classes for the 1st through 8th graders and taught them about nutrition and exercise.

Reminder: Graduation is in May 2011. If you plan to attend and need to order Regalia for the event, please contact Rose Maten at 567-4556.

Dr. Kumar and Dr. Tysinger attended the STFM Conference on Medical Student Education in Houston last week. All their sessions went very well.

Student Evaluations: Continue to give thorough feedback to students during a rotation. Midterm feedbacks are due in written form to students during the 3rd week of each rotation. Final Evaluations are due through E*Value two weeks after each rotation. Evaluations are crucial to a student’s final grade.

Reminder: Rotation 5 ends February 18th. Final Evaluations are due March 4th.

Reminder: Rotation 6 starts February 21st.

Faculty Development

Dr. Tysinger:

Mentoring is important! Assistant Associate Professors are encouraged to talk to Dr. Burge, Dr. Katerndahl, or Dr. Tysinger to help you find a mentor to assist with your professional development.

Endowment Development:

Dr. Tysinger

The Leonard G. Paul Endowment continues to be our top priority. Currently at $68K, we need at least 100K for a professorship to be named.  Dr. Jaén recently sent a letter to all our residency graduates asking them to make a generous donation to this endowment to honor Dr. Paul.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause. You can donate by check, credit card, or paycheck withdrawal. Contact Dr. Tysinger or Melody Porter for more information about options for donating.

The link to the Leonard G. Paul brochure is now on the Family and Community Medicine homepage http://familymed.uthscsa.edu/endowment/index.html.

Research Update:

Dr. Ferrer:

Many active projects are underway. Dr. Siddiqui is still waiting to hear if she has received funding for an American Cancer Society Career Award.

Funding is very challenging right now because of the severely stretched federal and state budgets.  On the bright side, foundations' endowments are recovering with the stock market. 

Dr. Parchman:

Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) is very active with 6 networks currently.

STARNET is the largest network and has its own independent Board of Directors that we are accountable to.

Currently have new recruits in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Local psychiatrists meet monthly to discuss new research in their PBRN. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact Holly Hayes or Dr. Parchman for more information.

South Texas Oral Network is also looking to collaborate more with Family Practice. If you are interested, please contact Holly Hayes or Dr. Parchman for more information.

Residency Research Network is headed up by Dr. Burge. Please contact her for more information on research projects.

VA Mental Health Network, Dr. Albana Dassori is looking for people to collaborate with. If you have an interesting research idea, please contact her.

For more information about the PBRN Resource Center and the individual networks, visit www.pbrn.uthscsa.edu.

Scooter Store Research Project:

Dr. Suh:

Study is to determine the effectiveness of mobility devices in preventing falls.

Drs. Suh, Espino, Parker and Wood are working on this project.

IRB protocol is to be submitted soon.

There is an upcoming trip to New Braunfels to look at the Scooter Store database.


FHC/Residency: Dr. Nadeau

March 17th is Resident Match Day. Dr. Nadeau will share the news as it is released by the National Residency Matching Program

2 February 4pm: All residents and faculty are invited to a meeting to review the residency applicants.

“Education Outcomes”

    1. 8 of 8 residents from the Class of 2010 passed the Board exam on the first attempt. We have not heard from the other 3 members of that class. 10 of 10 members of the Class of 2009 passed the Boards on the first attempt.
    2. 6 current posters have been approved for presentation at the STFM meeting in New Orleans.

VA Center of Excellence for Primary Care Education grant was sent to the VA in the fall. We were not selected for that grant.

The  common program requirements for residencies have changed

    1. New duty hour requirement-we are piloting those changes now.
    2. Resident Supervision requirements and Hand off requirements have also changed. We will be making those changes in the near future.

FHC building update: new outpatient Tower is under construction.

Upcoming Residency Inspection is scheduled for 2012.

Sports Medicine Clinic headed by Dr. Navarro has made great progress in the recent months.

FHC Item of Concern – lost faculty has led to decreased available appointments by over 100 slots a week.

FHC/Residency: Dr. Poursani

Sunrise is upgrading to the 5.5 version. Changes will include more clicking and less free text.

Sunrise and EPIC will soon talk to each other for information.

Upcoming Project underway to decrease ER and Hospital visits.

Geriatrics: Dr. Parker and Dr. Oakes

UT Medicine Senior Health: Please send your elderly/frail patients to Christus Santa Rosa downtown, 10th floor.

Dr. Suh started his practice at the Westover Hills location. Please send patients in that area to him. NP Carr will soon join him at that location once funding is available.

Funding is available for 2 additional Geriatrics. Interviews are underway.

MARC: Dr. Gillard

Patient volume is lower than previous months, but new patient volume is still increasing.

Group has also increased its wRVU per visit.

No show rate is 9%. Looking for ways to decrease.

Ronda Lantz is heading up group visits for smoking cessation. Please send her smokers that are interested in quitting. Only commercial payors please.

Dr. Gillard is looking to open up a Pain Management Clinic in future.

Westover Hills: Dr. Koretsky

Two providers have left. Currently trying to accommodate as many patients as we can.

1% no show rate.

Interviews are being held for new providers.

Maternity Services: Dr. Doty

New night float system in place

Dr. Riojas is the newest Moonlighter

Looking for full time Maternity Services Family Physician. Interviews are underway.

STEER: Dr. Miller and Roger Perales

Pat Bortoni from the RAHC-Harlingen received the Presidential Employee Excellence Award

Tatjana Walker finished her MPH and is now a Faculty Specialist in our department

Two CDC Fellowships

    1. Hispanic Autism Project
    2. Community Project for Nutrition and Exercise

Funding Opportunities

    1. Air Force – STEER Laredo is offering training to AF Occupational Medicine Residents (Brooks) (will start in July) Navy – Autism Project currently helping fund several salaries

Approximately 30 UTHSCSA first year MD/MPH students will be taking STEER as their practicum in May and June of this year.

Administrative Update:

Melody Porter

Our eCV system is being upgraded to a new version called eTalus beginning on February 7th at 10:00 AM, with Go-Live scheduled for February 9th at 4:00 PM!  During the upgrade period you will be unable to login to eTalus.

Information from eCV will automatically transfer into eTalus.

Login to eTalus is simplified:  eTalus uses your current user ID and password.

Tencha Medellin

Reminder to submit nominations for the Robert E. McCormick Memorial Staff Award.

Deadline to submit is February 7, 2011.

Ceremony will be Monday, March 28, 11:30AM to 1PM in the Foundation  Room at the University Health Center - Downtown.