Faculty Meeting Notes

August 4, 2010

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Chairman’s Update:


Congratulations to Professor Sandra Burge who recently was appointed as Director of Medical Student Research at the School of Medicine Dean’s Office.  She joins Professor Claudia Miller who is Assistant Dean for the MD/MPH Program at that office.  

We bid farewell to Dr. Stella King-Turner. She will be leaving us on September 2nd to re-locate to Buffalo, New York.

Best wishes to Dr. Leigh Romero who will take a leave of absence for a year to complete a Sports Medicine fellowship.

We welcome Ms. Selina Ortiz as the new Academic Programs Coordinator.  Her primary responsibilities will be with the support of the Family Medicine 3rd year clerkship.

Congratulations also to Ms. Melody Porter who has been appointed Manager of Academic Programs.  Her primary responsibilities include staff and operational coordination of medical student education support and development activities support.   

Education Update:

Dr. Kumar:

Family Medicine Interest Group Welcome Dinner for 1st Year Medical Students was August 4, 2010, 6-8 pm at the Blue Start Brewery. Dinner was a success with approximately 55 attendees.

Please pay close attention, read and follow the instructions contained in the two documents that were recently sent to all FCM faculty and community preceptors.

    1. 2010-2011 Goals and Objectives Memorandum
    2. Professionalism Memorandum

MS3 Students:

Reminder: Rotation 1 ended August 13th. End of Clerkship evaluations are coming due August 27th!

Rotation 2 starts August 16th.

There will be a Residency Fair: Thursday, August 26th 2010 11-3pm.

In his role as Immediate Past-President of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP), Dr. Kumar announced that the TAFP Foundation has instituted a new award in Family Medicine Research named after Professor David Katerndahl, MD, MA.   

Faculty Development

Dr. Tysinger:

Dr. Kumar’s Farewell Presidential Address on July 24th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center at the TAFP Meeting was a huge success.

Dr. Jaén received the TAFP Presidential Award of Merit.

Dr. Gillard accepted the TAFP Presidential Unsung Hero Award on behalf of the MARC Family Medicine Practice Group for their support of Dr. Kumar during his tenure as TAFP President.

Dr. Kumar completed his term as the TAFP President.

Dr. Patel and I discussed two excellent students she has been teaching.  Both students are motivated and are eager to learn “everything” about Geriatrics.  Hence, here are two teaching points for all to remember:

    1. You cannot teach students everything in six weeks, and students need time to digest what they learn.  So, teach students one point per patient.  This helps them to learn 4-5 points each half-day they are in clinic.
    2. Give students feedback:  They want and need it.  Take time to give some verbal feedback every day.  If a student is struggling, give feedback as close to the event as possible.   On final evaluations rate a student’s performance and make sure the narrative you write matches with the ratings you give.

    On September 22nd, 2010 there will be a Feedback Training session - downtown - 4 pm – all faculty are invited.

Endowment Development:

Dr. Tysinger

The The Leonard G. Paul Endowment continues to be our top priority. Currently at $61K, needs at least 100K for a professorship to be named.  Melody Porter, John Lutri and Albert Pedroza developed an on-line brochure that will be going to all faculty and former faculty, resident alumni, and all who may want to honor him.  The link to this impressive brochure is now on the Family and Community Medicine homepage http://familymed.uthscsa.edu/endowment/index.html.  You will recognize the three faculty who speak on the brochure.

Research Update:

Dr. Ferrer:

Kudos to the Research staff for all the hard work in getting grant submissions in on time during June and July, almost $10 million in grants requests were submitted during those months. A record for the department.

Dr. Kumar’s $5K grant is already funded at this time.

View slides on research funding:   View slides

Dr. Parchman:

Brochures for the ASPREE, a study to evaluate the value of aspirin use as a preventive measure for elderly patients, were distributed.  More available for distribution if interested.


FHC/Residency: Dr. Nadeau

Inpatient Service – Dr. Poursani is making some changes in the program.  He will schedule and work on chronic problems with the residents and try to standardize the didactic portion of the rotation more.

Curriculum is being updated; just making some minor changes.

Recruiting plan is being updated.

The new Residency Training Grant highlights The Chronic Care Model.

New building for the UHS Downtown Campus is to break ground in December 2010 and the expected completion date is around December 2012. 

FM Residency Review Committee has specific requirements which must be met in the new clinic and UHS has been working very closely with Dr. Nadeau to ensure these are met.

Dust and noise will be the two major problems when they begin.

Resident schedules are no longer in W2W. Thanks to Thea, they are all in New Innovations and they are easier to track and find this way.

Geriatrics: Dr. Parker

UT Medicine Senior Health: announced new move to Christus Santa Rosa downtown, 10th floor. Please send them your elderly/frail patients.

MARC: Dr. Gillard

Continues to have a healthy growth rate, 17% of patients are new to the practice. Dr. Gillard is working with Maura to ensure new patients will keep their scheduled appointments.

The Acute Care Clinic is no longer being staffed with dedicated faculty clinicians. It has now been staffed by FCM faculty at the MARC with all taking turns staffing it for the last 2 months. 

The Primary Care clinic is looking to explore opportunities with specialty clinics.

Open encounter sessions: Dr. Gillard has started quality improvement sessions to help clinicians close encounters in a timely fashion.  All clinicians and staff are involved in this improvement project. 

Westover Hills: Dr. Vasquez

New extended hours have been successful.

Primary care reached 3rd year goals in terms of volumes. Working on improving cardiology, general surgery, and vascular surgery numbers.

Extensive Marketing projects in process for the clinic.

Upcoming Health Fairs in September.

Maternity Services: Dr. Doty

Continues to be short staffed. There is need for additional faculty to help in the Maternity Service.  Please refer any colleague that is willing to do L&D to us for recruitment.

Skin Clinic: Dr. Usatine

New dermatology fellow: Dr. Karnes

Volumes still increasing.

Recently completed health screening at Trinity University.

STEER: Dr. Miller

Rudy Rincon, MD, MPH a faculty associate is now working down in Laredo with Roger.

35 new MD/MPH students. This makes over 100 students in the MD/MPH program.