Faculty Meeting Notes

November 3, 2010

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Chairman’s Update:

Congratulations! The University of Texas Board of Regents approved the honorific designation of “Distinguished Teaching Professor” to recognize faculty that have made significant contributions to education”.  Drs. Kumar, Lawler, Oscos-Sanchez, Tysinger and Usatine received this recognition.  Please join me in congratulating them for their accomplishments.  We are indeed fortunate to have them in our midst.

Dr. Robert Ferrer (Professor with tenure)
Dr. Robert Parker (Professor/Clinical)
Dr. Sasha Loffredo (Associate Professor/Clinical)
Dr. Margaret Mann-Zeballos (Clinical Associate Professor [part-time])
Dr. Ramin Poursani (Associate Professor/Clinical)

Faculty Associate Clinical Excellence Award, Ronda Lantz
Administrative Excellence Award, Claudia Miller
David A. Katerndahl Award, Neela Patel
Excellence in Research Award, Robert Ferrer
Educational Development Award, Thea Lyssy
Richard E. Ellis Award, Muhammad Akram

Longevity Recognition:
5 years of dedicated service to the mission of UTHSCSA:
Dr. Mark Nadeau
Dr. Saima Siddiqui
NP Norma Chavez
NP Debra Carr
10 years of dedicated service to the mission of UTHSCSA:
Dr. Linda Ivy
Dr. Robert Parker
Dr. Cordelia Moscrip
Dr. Raquel Romero
15 years of dedicated service to the mission of UTHSCSA:
Sandra Delagarza
Leticia Rodriguez
Stella Olveda

Education Update:

Dr. Kumar:

Family Medicine Interest Group Suture Workshop was held November 2nd, 2010 by Dr. Kumar. Twenty Four students attended the successful event.

FMIG continue to volunteer in the community. Students are teaching smoking cessation to young children and also have an educational fitness program to improve obesity in San Antonio.

Dr. Finley and Dr. Usatine continue to teach students on elderly and patients in vulnerable populations.

Student Evaluations: Continue to give thorough feedback to students during a rotation. Midterm feedbacks are due in written form to students during the 3rd week of each rotation. Final Evaluations are due through E*Value two weeks after each rotation. Evaluations are crucial to a student’s final grade.

    • Reminder: Rotation 3 ends November 5th. Final Evaluations are due November 19th.
    • Reminder: Rotation 4 starts November 8th.
Faculty Development

Dr. Tysinger:

Most learners perform well enough in clinical settings to pass, but some learners’ medical knowledge deficits or problems with interpersonal and communications skills or professionalism jeopardize their passing the clerkship or a rotation.  If you have concerns about a learner’s clinical performance, please contact Dr. Kumar (medical students) or Dr. Nadeau (residents) so the deficiency can be shared with the learner and a remediation plan developed and implemented. 

Endowment Development:

Dr. Tysinger

The Leonard G. Paul Endowment continues to be our top priority. Currently at $65K, we need at least 100K for a professorship to be named.  Dr. Jaén recently sent a letter to all past residents requesting a generous donation to this endowment.    You can donate by check, credit card, or paycheck withdrawal.   Please consider donating to this worthy cause.   Contact Jim Tysinger or Melody Porter for more information about options for donating.

The link to the Leonard G. Paul brochure is now on the Family and Community Medicine homepage http://familymed.uthscsa.edu/endowment/index.html.

Research Update:

Dr. Ferrer:

Still waiting to hear about the many grants submitted in June and July. 

Many faculty and a few residents will be traveling to Seattle to present their research at the 2010 NAPCRG meeting.

Dr. Parchman

The Mario E. Ramirez lecture was held at the E-RAHC in Edinburgh on October 14th. Dr. Ramirez did attend the remarkable event. Please go to the UTHSCSA website to view all of the distinguished achievements of Dr. Ramirez.  http://www.library.uthscsa.edu/exhibits/ramirezarchive.cfm

Over 150 people from multiple specialties attended the Practice-Based Research Network Convocation 2 weeks ago.

Currently recruiting patients 70 or older to participate in the ASPREE, a study to evaluate the value of aspirin use as a preventive measure for elderly patients.

Dr. Raquel Romero was recently appointed Associate Director of STARNET.


FHC/Residency: Dr. Nadeau

Veterans Administration

    • We were successful in obtaining 2 permanent slots through the GME Enhancement

We are working with the VA on a proposal for further expansion, including some continuity clinics at the VA

    • Goal is to be recognized for providing excellence in Primary Care Education
    • Another goal is to expand residency training slots

1 November 2010, Interview season started. Received 1351 applications and are scheduling 140 interviews. We will be meeting on February 2nd to review all interviewees. All faculty and residents are invited to this meeting.

Grant- Posters accepted at CRPIT and AMERSA. We are in the second year and interventions are well underway.

ACGME-New Institutional Requirements start 1 July 2011. We are going to pilot changes starting early Jan 2011.

Class of 2013 now has a 12 resident complement

Class of 2014-We are planning to stretch that to 13, based on available funding.

Goals and Objectives rewrite is well underway.

Dr. Navarro is scheduled to introduce the new Sports Medicine Clinic on November 22nd at the MARC in collaboration with the Department of Orthopedics, a Sports Medicine Clinic is up and  running at the Family Health Center.

View slides from Residency Update:   View slides

FHC/Residency: Dr. Poursani

There will be a meeting December 8th at 3pm to discuss the change in requirements to morning rounds due to supervision requirements. This will improve patient handoffs and overall continuity.

Geriatrics: Dr. Parker

UT Medicine Senior Health: announced new move to Christus Santa Rosa downtown, 10th floor. Please send them your elderly/frail patients.

Dr. Suh started on October 1st with UT Health Science Center, he joins us from the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Ye was awarded the Geriatric Academic Career Award and is currently applying for another grant.

Thanks to Dr. Oakes and the entire team for all contributions in opening the ACE unit at Christus Santa Rosa. The ACE unit is a 10 bed inpatient unit for elderly.

Congratulations to Dr. Oakes whom is now the Co-Director of the Geriatric Fellowship in collaboration with the Department of Medicine.

We are currently looking into expanding our operation to Westover Hills along with several other recruiting agreements.

Dr. Ye and Dr. Patel are going to Austin present their poster

Dr. Finley is now an officer with the Texas Medical Directors Association (TMDA)

Dr. Espino is scheduled to attend the Certified Medical Directors course next week.

We are currently working with the scooter store on a grant.

View slides from Geriatrics Update:   View slides

MARC: Dr. Gillard

Welcome Dr. Melendez to the MARC. She is a part-time family physician there, she joins us from the Residency Program at Galveston where she was Chief Resident.

The MARC continue to see a steady increase in new patients. The percentage is now 18% monthly.

Ronda Lantz and Dr. Kumar have started the tobacco cessation group which is very successful at this point.

Dr. Gillard is attending the patient safety course Thursday and Friday of this week.

The Clinic Manager is working on a project to decrease the amount of wait time for patients to be seen.

Westover Hills: Dr. Koretsky

2nd year goals reached to full capacity.

Losing one family physician, currently trying to recruit one.

Dr. Lena Vasquez will only be here for another 2 weeks before she departs UTHSCSA.

Maternity Services: Dr. Doty

Continues to be short staffed. There is need for additional faculty to help in the Maternity Service.  Please refer any colleague that is willing to do L&D to us for recruitment.

STEER: Dr. Miller

Roger Perales, MPH is working on a federal Pesticide Exposure grant in Laredo with Texas A&M. They are also planning to host U.S. Air Force Occupational Medicine Residents.

MD/MPH program is a 4 year program in which more than 100 students have enrolled. It is becoming a model for other medical schools around the State per the School of Public Health.

Dr. Palmer is currently working on Autism proposals for NIH and toward a US-Hispanic autism research center to be headquartered at the RAHC in Harlingen, but with activities in San Antonio and, if funded, Laredo.

Welcome Lynn Heilburn, MPH who will be assisting Dr. Palmer and Miller with autism research with support from the Office of Naval Research.