Volunteer Clinical Faculty Appointment

Volunteer clinical faculty members are involved in a variety of areas within our department.  They are required to contribute 50 hours or more per year to the department's programs. This time can include teaching, providing patient care, attending our educational activities, and/or conducting research.  Volunteer clinical faculty must also maintain excellent professional standing in the community. They must also represent the department well in any activity in which they are engaged. 


There are numerous benefits to becoming a volunteer clinical faculty member, such as no-cost CME, discounts on review courses, working with medical students as well as networking opportunities with other faculty.

Requirements for Appointment

To be considered for a new volunteer clinical faculty appointment with the department of Family & Community Medicine please submit:

  1. A letter describing why you want the appointment. Also, please state the activity in which you will participate (e.g., teach students in our clerkship) and verify that you will devote at least 50 hours/year in at least one of the department's activities.
  2. Documentation verifying that you meet the requirements for accredited training, licensure, and board certification (e.g., Family Physicians must be licensed physicians and ABFP certified).
  3. A letter supporting your appointment from a full-time FCM faculty (e.g., clerkship director).
  4. A copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) in the approved UTHSCSA format. To download a copy click on the UTHSCSA CV link on the left.
  5. A completed original copy of the UTHSCSA Biographical Data Sheet. To download a copy click on the Biographical Sheet link on the left.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Mary Lou Diaz
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
The Department of Family and Community Medicine, MC 7794
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio , TX 78229-3900
phone: 210-567-4550