DIVISION OF GERIATRICS AND PALLIATIVE CARE - Department of Family & Community Medicine

Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Care - History


1985- The Community Geriatrics Division was established in the Department of Family & Community Medicine with Dr. Robert Jensen as the first Division Chief.


1989 to 1990 - Dr. Malcolm Lancaster, who is best known as the physician who grounded Ken Mattingly of Apollo 13, also became part of the Geriatrics Division and briefly was Division Chief.


Together Dr. Jensen and Dr. Lancaster developed the first geriatrics teaching programs at Morningside Manor and the now closed Lutheran General Hospital. 


1990 to 2005 - Dr. David Espino served as Chief of the Division.


1997 to 2008 - The John A. Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatrics Education was established and was an integral part of educational development in the Family Medicine Department until it was transferred to the Medical Deans office in 2008.


2005 to 2015 - Dr. Robert Parker serves as Division Chief.


2015 to Present - Dr. Neela K. Patel serves as Division Chief.



In addition to Drs. Jensen and Lancaster, Notable Division faculty members who are no longer members of the Department include, Dr. Charles Mouton, currently Dean of Medicine at Meharry Medical School and Dr. Toni Miles who was instrumental in the development of the Obama administration’s health care reform legislation.