DIVISION OF GERIATRICS AND PALLIATIVE CARE - Department of Family & Community Medicine

Darnall Army Community Hospital Geriatrics Rotation


image_darnall soldiersTo provide the Darnall Family Medicine second year (PGY2) residents with both primary care and consultation experience for patients in ambulatory, community and long-term care settings in order to understand the interaction of natural aging and disease, as well as the techniques of assessment, therapy, and management.



You should have completed a POI form and been given instructions on how to complete your EMR training. Please make sure that you have completed the EPICcare EMR training prior starting your rotation. Please contact Tisha Rodriguez (rodriguezl11@uthscsa.edu), 210-358-3888 if you need assistance.


Also, familiarize yourself with basic geriatrics care. We have included selected articles for overview in the Virtual Library.


Finally, review the specific geriatrics instruments (SLUMS, GDS, etc.) on this site before you start, Assessment Tools & Guidelines. If you have any questions, please ask your attending about the instruments.




On the first day of the rotation, please report to the UT Medicine Senior Health Center at 8:15am for a brief orientation. The center is located in Ste. 1060, 10th floor of the Santa Rosa Professional Pavilion located at 315 North San Saba, San Antonio, Texas 78207 (MAP). On your first day, you can park anywhere that is not reserved, but please pick up your parking tag from the office staff and move your care into the designated slot prior to the start of your clinical session.


Also, note that we all use laboratory coats when we are doing direct patient care, so please plan accordingly.

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YOUR TYPICAL WORK WEEK image_UT Medicine Senior Health clinic

Your time will be primarily spent in the outpatient geriatrics office seeing a primarily frail elder population. You will be asked to do mental status evaluations, so please visit the Assessment Tools & Readings area of this site prior to starting the rotation to familiarize yourself. Click here to learn more about the UT Medicine Senior Health Center.


You will also be asked to go the nursing home and see both long term and short term patients there. If you are assigned to a facility, call the attending the day before to see who they want you to see when you get there. Directions to all our teach facilities (Morningside Manor, Parklane West, Airforce Village I and Buena Vida) can be found at this link.


Long Term Care Facility Attending
Buena Vida Liliana Oakes, MD
Parklane David Espino, MD
Airforce Village I Yanping Ye, MD
Morningside Manor/Hospice Rosina Finley, MD




Your daily schedule will be posted on the Senior Health Team's GOOGLE calendar and a copy will be sent to you by Tisha Rodriguez (rodriguezl11@uthscsa.edu), 210-358-3888 prior to your starting the rotation. You will be sent information (URL, username/password) on how to access the GOOGLE calendar. The GOOGLE calendar is seen easily on civilian computers, but you may encounter some problems using your work computer.



Your attendance is requested at the Geriatric Grand Rounds held the first and third Monday, 12:30pm-1:30pm, in the Santa Rosa Hospital's Center for Children and Families (CCF) building. These conferences cover a variety of geriatric topics and are led by the UT Medicine Senior Health provider team. Check with the attending on Mondays for more information. Lunch is provided.

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Your residency presents unique competing demands which my interrupt your training with us. We understand that. Please let the staff know of any absences so that we know when to expect you in clinic. If you plan to miss more than two (2) clinic days in a rotation, we need you to plan to cover a 24-hour home-call shift to both help rebalance those demands and ensure your long term care training experience is a complete one. Also note, that if your overall time with us is insufficient to provide a complete evaluation, we may ask for you to return to complete the time missed.



The Christus Santa Rosa Hospital has a free meal service for physicians on the 12th floor of the main hospital across the street from the office. An ATM is also located in the hospital. The physicians services office on the first floor also has a gourmet expresso coffee service that you are welcome to use.



If you have any questions during your stay, please contact either Tisha Rodriguez (rodriguezl11@uthscsa.edu), 210-358-3888 OR Janie Trevino (trevinoj@uthscsa.edu), 210-358-3931. We hope you enjoy this rotation. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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