DIVISION OF GERIATRICS AND PALLIATIVE CARE - Department of Family & Community Medicine

Description of Geriatric Fellows Role and Responsibilities on the ACE Unit


1. Work effectively as a team member or co-faculty of an interprofessional health care team.

  • Fellows are required to carry at least one patient primarily on the ACE unit at all time. If the ACE census is above 10 patients, fellows will be taking care of more ACE patients.
  • Fellows will supervise the residents on ACE service for all the patient care.
  • Fellows will work with attending to provide consults for patients from other physicians in the ACE unit, and gero psychi unit.

2. Effectively lead a family/caregiver meeting.

  • Fellows are required to have three family meetings during the two month rotation at ACE unit.
  • Skillful discussion and document the family meeting.


3. Fellows should practice geriatric comprehensive assessment skills on ACE patients.

    This will be obtained through geriatric consultations and ACE admissions.


4. Fellows are mandatory to attend ACE IDT (Interdisciplinary team) meeting from 1130-1200.

    Fellows will be assigned to co-lead the IDT meetings with nurse practitioner and be skillful in working with the team members’ collaborate.


5. Fellows are required to give two small group teaching sessions during each one month ACE unit rotation.

    Topics: One topic should be chosen from the core curriculum of CHAMP (http://champ.bsd.uchicago.edu). The other topic can be any geriatric syndrome or geriatric disease that is relative to the pt on the unit during the rotation.
    Schedule: The didactics will be arranged in the second and fourth week of the month. Fellows can work with the attending to specify the date and time.


6. Work schedule and call

  • Fellows are reported to ACE unit at 8 am the latest in the morning M-F. Fellows will be responsible to pre-round any primary patients, consult patients, and/or supervise residents as needed. Attending rounds start at 9 am.
  • Fellows will take one night call per week and one weekend call per month.
  • Fellows will come to the ACE unit for rounding on the weekend they are taking calls.


7. Research and scholar activity: Fellows are encouraged to work with faculty on ongoing QI projects, developing case report, and participate in poster presentation/publications.


8. Others

  • Fellows should complete the CPOM training prior to ACE rotation. The contact person is
    Gabriel Maciaz: Gabriel.maciaz@christushealth.org         Tel:  210.704.4865 (Office)
  • Fellows should sign all orders electronically on daily basis. Fellows should visit medical record and sign all document before the end of their rotation.
  • Fellows should contact CSRMC medical record to obtain their dictation number and dictation instruction on the first day of the rotation. NP Ruby Mathew will assist you if needed.


9. Fellows’ evaluation on ACE unit

  • Fellows will be provided a mid-rotation evaluation by ACE attending at the end of 2nd week.
  • Fellows will be evaluated by interdisciplinary team members (ACE attending, NP, residents, and ACE nursing coordinator or unit manager) at the end of each month of their ACE rotation

    Attending on-call Pager: 210-235-0556. Attending is available 24 hrs for any pt.’s issue on ACE unit.
    NP Ruby Mathew or Dr. Ye will give you ACE orientation on the first day of your rotation.


    Direct contact person if any other issues on ACE unit:
    Dr. Ye (ACE medical director): yey@uthscsa.edu
    Ruby Mathew, NP (ACE coordinator): mathewr3@uthscsa.edu




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