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Current Projects

  • Project Title: Geriatric Academic Career Award (09/2010-08/2015)
    Funding Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration
    Program Director: Yanping Ye, M.D; Primary mentor: Robert W Parker, M.D; Educational specialist: Cynthia Alford, PhD   University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
    Collaborators: John Littlefield, PhD; University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Joseph G Ouslander, M.D Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science, Florida Atlantic University

    SUMMARY: The purpose of the Geriatric Academic Career Award (GACA) is to promote the career development of academic junior faculty in geriatrics who spend their time on teaching and developing skills in interdisciplinary education in geriatrics. (1) Dr. Ye will be developing and implementing interdisciplinary education curriculum in transitions of care.  (2) Working with the geriatrics division team to create new methods of health care delivery to provide higher quality of care to our frail elders, to bridge the gap and improve the care in transitions. (3) She will also be acquiring skills in conducting educational research to document and disseminate the results through publications and presentations at national and international conferences.


  • Project Title: HISPANIC EPESE 1993-2011
    Principal Investigator: Kyriakos S. Markides, Ph.D.; University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
    San Antonio Site Investigators: David V. Espino, MD (site co-principal investigator); Donald Royal, MD; Ray Palmer, PhD.

    SUMMARY: The National Institute on Aging funded Hispanic Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (Hispanic EPESE) is modeled after the design of the Established Populations For Epidemiologic Studies Of The Elderly, 1981-1993: [East Boston, Massachusetts, Iowa And Washington Counties, Iowa, New Haven, Connecticut, And North Central North Carolina] and Established Populations For Epidemiologic Studies Of The Elderly, 1996-1997: Piedmont Health Survey Of The Elderly, Fourth In-Person Survey [Durham, Warren, Vance, Granville, And Franklin Counties, North Carolina]. The Hispanic EPESE originally collected baseline data beginning in September 1993 through June 1994 on a representative sample of community-dwelling Mexican-American elderly, aged 65 years and older, residing in the five southwestern states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

    The primary purpose of the study is to provide estimates of the prevalence of key physical health conditions, mental health conditions, and functional impairments in older Mexican Americans and to compare these estimates with those for other populations. The Hispanic EPESE has also attempted to determine whether certain risk factors for mortality and morbidity operate differently in Mexican American elders than in non-Hispanic White Americans, African Americans, and other major ethnic groups.  The Hispanic EPESE is currently completing its sixth wave of in-home evaluations.


Recent Publications

  • Factors Associated with Use of Calcium and Calcium/Vitamin D Supplements in Older Mexican Americans:  Results of the Hispanic EPESE Study.
    Espino, DV, Oakes SL, Owings  K, Markides KS, Wood R, Becho J. American Journal of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy. 8(2): 161-9, 2010

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Recent Presentations

  • IV Pan American Congress of the IAGG, Ottawa, Canada, October, 2011.
    • Care Transitions: Perspectives From Three Countries In Elder Transfers Across The Continuum Of Care And Ways To Improve The Process. (Oral Presentation: Dr. Oakes, Drs. M. Hekman and G. Cummings, Dr. Espino[discussant])
    • Geriatric Care in India-Challenges & Promises. (Oral Presentation: Dr. Patel)
    • Care Transitions: Perspectives From Three Countries On Elder Transfers Across The Continnuum of Care & Ways to Improve the Process. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Oakes, Patel and D. Villarreal)
    • The Choice of Last Resort? Mexican American Elders Admitted to SNF’s in the United States. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Espino, Finley, Wood, Angel, and Oakes)
  • American Geriatrics Society Annuual Conference, suburban Washington, DC, May, 2011.
    • Effects Of Yoga In Older Adults – A Systematic Review (Poster Presentation: Dr. Patel)

    • Reducing ER Referrals In Response To After Hour Calls From Nursing Homes. (Poster Presentation: Sheetal Kanjee [fellow], Dr. Patel)

    • Interdisciplinary-Curriculum For The Hospitalized Aging Medical Patient (I-CHAMP): Implementation Of An Educational And Clinical Program In Continued Medical Education For A Community Hospital. (Poster Presentation: Dr. Oakes, DH Chen [fellow], Dr. Alford, Ms. Giles, Drs Espino, Ye, Parker, Patel)

    • Comparison Of Attitudes Towards Suicide And Physician-Assisted Suicide In Chronic Pain Scenarios Between Elderly White And Hispanics.  (Poster Presentation: Mr. Santiago [graduate student] , Dr. Espino)

    • An Interesting Case of Foot Deformity and Tremor in an Elderly Woman.  (Poster Presentation: H. Faldu [fellow], Dr. Suh )

    • Improving the Transitional Care: Interprofessional Education to Reduce Avoidable  Acute Care Transfers. (GACA Awardee Poster Presentation: Drs Ye, Parker, GNP Carr)

  • American Medical Directors Annual Conference, Tampa, FL. March, 2011.
    • Nursing Home Presentation (Oral Presentation: Dr. Oakes)
    • Identifying Patterns of Skilled Nursing Facility Readmissions.  (Poster Presentation: Dr. Ye, Ms. McCulley, Drs. Efeovbokhan & Parker)
    • Mucocele Misdiagnosed As An Ovarian Tumor (Poster Presentation: SD Kanjee [fellow], Dr. Oakes,  Mr. Williams, Drs. Finley & Espino)
    • Factors Associated With Undiagnosed Anemia in Older Patients Admitted To Skilled Nursing Facilities in San Antonio, TX (Poster Presentation: Dr. Espino, H Faldu[fellow], Drs. Ye, Wood & Finley)
    • Characteristics of Mexican American Elders Admitted to Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Southwestern United States: Data from the EPESE Study. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Finley, Wood, Ye, E. Pogosian [palliative fellow], Drs. Angel & Espino.
  • American Geriatrics Society Annual Conference. Orlando FL.  May, 2010.
    • Physical Activity Level and Functioning in Older Diabetes Patients: Association with Days of Hospitalization. (Poster Presentation: Dr. Patel)
    • Successful Implementation of an Acute Care of Elderly (ACE) unit in a Community Hospital: Lessons Learned Beyond Academia. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Oakes, Patel, Alford, Ye, Espino)

  • National Hispanic Medical Association Annual Conference. Washington, DC.  March, 2010.
    • Unique Barriers to Diagnosing Dementia in the Hispanic/Latino Aging Community. (Oral Presentation: Dr. Espino)

  • American Medical Directors Association Annual Conference, Long Beach CA. March, 2010.
    • Successful Implementation Of An Interdisciplinary Team Approach To Reduce Psychotropic, Anxiolytic & Sedative/Hypnotic Medications In A Community Based Nursing Home: Tackling  F-Tag 329.(Oral Presentation: Dr. Oakes)
    • After Hours Communications Between Providers And Long Term Care Staff In A Community Based Setting. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Ye, Finley, Oakes, Espino)
    • Life Extending Preferences Despite A Perceived Terminal State In An Older Mexican American Population (Poster Presentation: Drs. Finley, Ye, Espino)

  • American Geriatrics Society Annual Conference. Chicago, IL.  May, 2009.
    • Ventilator Preference During a Terminal Condition Among Older Mexican American and Non-Hispanic White Community Older Adults. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Finley, Espino)

  • American Medical Directors Association Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC. March, 2009.
    • PEG Tube Feeding Attitudes in an Older Adult Mexican American Population: Implications for Long Term Care End-Of-Life Discussions. (Poster Presentation: Drs. Finley, Espino, Ye)
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