DIVISION OF GERIATRICS AND PALLIATIVE CARE - Department of Family & Community Medicine

Fourth Year Medical Student Rotation


The next four weeks will be an exciting time for you. We understand that the fourth year is a busy time and hope that this rotation rounds out your education in a positive way. The majority of your time will be spent in the UT Medicine Senior Health Center. We hope that you enjoy your time with us. We are constantly attempting to improve, so if you have any suggestions, please let the faculty know.


**Prior to your first day:

If you have further questions, contact the course director, Dr. David Espino at 358-3200 or espino@uthsca.edu. If you have a special interest in spending time on our geriatrics inpatient service or the long term care service during your time with us, please check with Dr. Espino or Oakes on the first day of orientation to develop a personalized schedule.



On Monday morning, report at 8am to the UT Medicine Senior Health Center for a brief orientation. The center is located in Ste. 1060, 10th floor of the Santa Rosa Professional Pavilion located at 315 North San Saba, San Antonio, Texas 78207 (MAP).


Please park at the Christopher Columbus Church, 607 Columbus Street, San Antonio, Texas 78207 (MAP) and take a shuttle over to the hospital. IMPORTANT: Please contact Cari Cesaro, GME Coordinator for Christus Santa Rosa (cari.cesaro@christushealth.org), 210-704-4822, PRIOR to your first day for additional instructions on parking and to obtain a CSR badge, if needed.



Medical Team Support

The UT Medicine Senior Health Care Center is busiest between 8am and 3:30pm due to patient appointments. Medical students may be asked to assist the office faculty and staff with medication refills, computer lab result searches and other activities as assigned. Please check with the office staff daily.


Student Medical Record Keeping
Order sheets are filled out by the student on consultation with the attending (please read the clinic orientation section for further information). The order sheet should be filled out and delivered at the nurses station ASAP to allow for prompt processing of the patients and their family members who are waiting. All sheets should be signed by the medical student.

**Electronic Medical Record Charting. Per Medicare policy, students may only document the Review of Systems (ROS), Past Family, Social, Medical, Surgical history, and update the Medications list. Students MAY NOT document the HPI, Assessment or Plan.

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Resident evaluation will be weighed towards three (3) distinct areas: Attitude & Behavior, Medical Records Review, and Didactic Participation.


Attitude & Behavior

Absences - Two or more absences, excused or unexcused, may result in you needing to provide make up time. In the past this usually involves after hours call support. Excused absences due to an illness must be accompanied by an practicing physician (not colleague) note. Absences due to interviewing will be consistent with Family & Community Medicine department policies.

Tardiness - Students will have no tardiness. Office hours start promptly at 8am and 1pm. Call the office at 568-5600 or the geriatrics coordinating office at 358-3200 if you anticipate that you are going to be tardy. Tardiness of more than 30 minutes will be treated as an absence.

Dress - Dress appropriately. As our patients represent a unique cohort with preconceived notions of how physicians should interact with them it is requested that students dress respectfully. Men should wear ties and women dress modestly. No open toes sandals. Failure to dress appropriately, in and of itself, is a basis for a sub par evaluation.

Problem List Completion

The student is responsible for the completion of the new patients problem list in a responsible and complete manner. It is expected that the student will review the attendings problem list in a responsible and complete manner. It is expected that the student will review with the attending at least three (3) electronic charts in which the student documented. Students who get honors for this content area will have been expected to have all elements of the problem list document complete and documented as being in progress on ALL three new patient charts reviewed.


Students who fail will either: (1) not have presented the three charts for review to an attending or (2) will have missed basic elements such as the medical problem list or the geriatrics instrumentation list on at least one of the charts. Completion of one or more flow sheets in the Sevocity EMR will fulfill this requirement.


Didactic Participation

Student participation in both rounds and geriatric didactic portion (Monday geriatrics grand rounds) will count towards the final evaluation. This will done in an honors, pass, fail format with students who participate actively scoring higher than those who are not attentive. Honors students will be expected to contribute new or recent inpatient elder care knowledge to the discussion on a regular basis.

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