Presenter Information

Our goal is to present high quality, evidence-based presentations that are clinically relevant to Family Medicine faculty/Family Physicians.   While some required specialty-specific information can be presented for background knowledge, most session content should be directed to the target audience’s clinical practice needs. To meet requirements for obtaining CME, please read the information below.


Attendees will be a mix of department faculty, Family Medicine residents, medical students, and physicians from the community.  


Expectations for Our Grand Rounds Presenters
Please review the expectations for our Grand Rounds presenters below. Contact Dr. Tysinger if questions or concerns about these expectations. 


  • should have no relevant financial relationships with commercial interests to disclose,
  • agree to complete and submit the required CME paperwork as instructed,
  • send an electronic copy of the presentation and 5 multiple choice exam items to Bridget Hendrix at least 10 days before the presentation, and
  • agree to have the presentation recorded for asynchronous viewing for CME credit so that it can be played back for others to view. If presenter does not agree please let Bridget Hendrix know well in advance of presentation.

Paperwork/Presentation Materials Required by our CME Office
Immediately After You Agree to Present
Print, complete, sign and return the documents below to Bridget Hendrix by email or via fax at 210-567-2443. Please do not send the forms to the fax number listed on the documents.

  • Faculty Disclosure (to disclose relevant financial relationships with commercial interests)
  • Attestation (to disclose relevant financial relationships with commercial interests)
  • Talent Release (to permit recording the session for our Grand Rounds library)
  • Biographical Form (for our Grand Rounds web page)

No Later than the Monday two weeks before your presentation.

Send electronic copies of the following to Bridget Hendrix

  • The final version of your Power Point Presentation (please alert Bridget if there are required corrections after you submit the file.)
  • 3-5 learning objectives for the audience on the content of your presentation (see guidelines below)
  • 5 Multiple Choice Questions with one highlighted correct response per item (see guidelines below)

Day of Grand Rounds
Family Medicine Grand Rounds originates at the Robert B.Green Campus.  Please arrive in the room at 12:00 Noon to ensure that your presentation is working to your satisfaction.  The actual presentation will begin at 12:30 pm, and we ask you present for 45-50 minutes and end about 1:15 PM so you can respond to questions from the audience at the end of your session.


Guidelines for Writing Objectives & Multiple Choice Questions
To provide asynchronous access to and CME for our Grand Rounds program, we record and post the presentations on our web site.  To offer such credit the CME Office requires us to have 3-4 objectives with and five multiple choice questions based on those objectives that individuals who seek CME can answer based on your presentation. We must receive these materials on the Monday two weeks before your presentation so the CME Office can review and approve them. Below are some guidelines for writing objectives and multiple choice questions.


Guidelines For Objectives:
Purpose:  To identify “high yield” or “must know” information in your presentation.
Requirements:  State objectives in terms that demonstrate an increase in knowledge, skill or comprehension.  Each objective must include an action verb (e.g., list, define, describe, select, apply, calculate) and be supported by specific content in your presentation.  Here’s an example: Given the history and physical findings of an adolescent with hypertension and a list of management options, select the best initial management option for that patient.


Guidelines For Writing Multiple Choice Questions:
Purpose:  These questions permit viewers who watch your recorded presentation to receive CME credit.
Requirements:   Please submit five multiple choice questions.  Each question must have a stem with four possible answers and one identified correct response.   Please write questions with clinical scenarios that require respondents to apply the content covered in your objectives and presentation.   Here is an example:    
You have diagnosed your 14 year old male patient with asymptomatic Stage I Hypertension.  What is the recommended first line therapy for this patient?
a.  Therapeutic lifestyle changes (correct answer)
b.  Prescription drug therapy
c.  Referral to a specialist
d.  Admission to a hospital

Our Grand Rounds Format

Sessions consist of a 45-minute lecture/discussion followed by 10-15 minutes of questions/comments from the audience. Presenters are expected to involve the audience by asking a minimum of 2 questions during the session and answering questions from the audience at the end.


Content Description and Expectations of the Presenter - Feedback to Presenters

Our Grand Rounds sessions contain evidence-based and commercially unbiased content that is presented in a lecture/discussion format.  Participants have ample opportunities to interact with the presenter and pose questions to clarify content.  Participants provide presenters with feedback using a detailed evaluation form that includes feedback on how attendees can apply the content presented in their patient care.   Presenters receive participant feedback within two weeks of the presentation.  We encourage presenters to use this feedback to enhance their delivery and improve their content in future sessions. Dr. Tysinger, Deputy Chair for Faculty Development, also provides presenters with written feedback on their session's strengths and suggested improvements.

For additional information, please contact:
James Tysinger, PhD
Deputy Chair of Faculty Development
Phone: 210-567-4555
Bridget M. Hendrix
Academic Programs Coordinator
Phone: 210-567-4556