RESIDENCY - Department of Family & Community Medicine


...a wide variety of benefits offered.

-Competitive Stipends (effective 2017-2018 academic year)

PGY-I      $51,017.85

PGY-II     $52,423.39

PGY-III    $54,109.85

-Vacation Leave

         3 Weeks

-Sick Leave
         10 Days per year

-Parental Leave (unpaid)
 up to 12 weeks per year

-Professional Medical Liability Coverage

-Group Health and Dental Insurance for residents

-Long Term Disability Insurance Workers' Compensation Program

-Dependent coverage is available at house officer expense

-Educational/Conference Allowance
         5 days administrative leave & $1300 book fund, total for 3 years.

-Meals provided while on call
         15% discount at other times

-Lab Coats

-Free Parking

-Local Gym Membership Discounts