Our Team

Nehman Andry, M.D.
Associate Professor/Clinical
Director of Medical Student Education
Family Medicine Clerkship Director
Email: andry@uthscsa.edu
Office:Medical School Building, Room 6.610L-1
Phone: (210) 567-0479



James Tysinger, Ph.D.
Vice Chair of Professional Development
Email: tysinger@uthscsa.edu
Office: Medical School Building, Room 6.628E-1
Phone: (210) 567-3043

Regina Martinez, MS
Manager, Academic Programs
Email: martinezr28@uthscsa.edu
Office: Medical School Building, Room 6.613L-3
Phone: (210) 567-0428




Priscilla Gonzalez
Academic Programs Coordinator
Family Medicine Clerkship Coordinator
Email: gonzalezps@uthscsa.edu
Office: Medical School Building, Room 6.613L-2
Phone: (210) 562-6550




Bridget Hendrix
Academic Programs Coordinator
4th Year Course Coordinator
Email: hendrixb@uthscsa.edu
Office: Medical School Building, Office 6.613L-1
Phone: (210) 567-4556