Date Presenter’s Name/Title Presentation Title
2-Jan No Grand Rounds Holiday
9-Jan Jaividhya Dasarathy, MD, FAAFP “Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease”
16-Jan Fozia Ali, MD & Maria Arbelaez, MD POEMs 2017-Screening for Pre-Diabetes: Neither HgbA1c Nor Fasting Glucoise Results Are Very Accurate
23-Jan Phyllis MacGilvray, MD, FAAFP “PCOS and the Hyperandrogen State”
30-Jan No Grand Rounds Residency Ranking
6-Feb Jason Bowling, MD “Influenza: Recommendations on diagnostics, vaccines, and update on antivirals”
13-Feb Brian Boies, MD “Interventional Pain Management”
20-Feb No Grand Rounds Residency Workshop
27-Feb Jennifer Peel, PhD “Supervising Residents at Different Stages of the Learning Cycle: From Beginner to Expert”
6-Mar Carlos Roberto Jaen, MD, PhD “Sleep Session”
13-Mar TBD
20-Mar No Grand Rounds Residency Retreat
27-Mar Richard Usatine, MD “Dermatologic Conditions Associated with Immune Disorders”